Terms and Conditions

By hiring from Interlude London Ltd, you are agreeing to the following terms and conditions:

1. Understanding the Agreement: By confirming the hire in writing (ie. email) , the client agrees to abide by the Terms and conditions written here below and to adhere to the policy of Interlude Studio. These conditions exclude and do not interfere with the Terms and conditions of the Rental House (Yellow Cactus) which can be found here.

2. Studio Timings: Interlude Studio times are set between 9:00 and 18:00 every day including weekends and Bank Holidays. Any overtime will be charged at £150 per hour, to be calculated after 15 min over the hour (ie. 18:16). Interlude Studio is handed over clean, with painted walls. Alterations, if any, will need to be approved in writing beforehand by Interlude London. Any costs arising from a breach of these terms shall be compensated to Interlude London upon demand immediately.

3. Delivery and Collection: Interlude studios can receive and keep The clients production items up to      24 hours before and after the studio hire with prior notice. Extended storage time can be arranged if space is available and strictly under previous approval. Any drop-offs and collections must be labelled with the client name and production reference. Interlude Studios reserves the right to decline any package not complying with this condition. Interlude Studios will not be held accountable for any damage or loss of any items left inside or outside the premises at any given time.

4. Additional Costs; Damages, Deep Cleaning…:The client is responsible for returning Interlude Studio in the same way it was handed over. Any damage to the walls, fixtures, appliances, windows, blinds, furniture or equipment during the period of the hire will be charged to The Client. Standard cleaning is included in the rate. Any further, deep or specialised cleaning will be charged to the client including a 50% studio hire fee covering the following day hire.

5. Equipment Rentals and state: Interlude Studios is exclusive, you may use any equipment whether personal or rented. Equipment is available at a discounted rate for Interlude Studio Clients at Yellow Cactus Rentals. All equipment supplied by Interlude Studios is tested, in good condition and in a good state of repair. It is the Client’s responsibility to notify Interlude London of any defects or faults before the commencement of the shoot.

5.1 Interlude Studios will try their best effort to have all items specified for the clients disposition, but shall not be liable in the event of non-availability due to failure to return, damage, maintenance or external hire. 

6. Catering: Any Food menu service must be requested at least 48h prior to the Studio Hire. Any notice under 48h may be accepted or denied depending on the availability from Interlude London.

7. Force Majeure: Interlude London will not be held liable for any delays or failures arising from events beyond its control. Including but not limited to Equipment or machinery breakdown, fires, floods, strikes and or other acts of Nature. 

8. Cancellation Policy. After the written confirmation (ie.email or other) of Interlude Studio Hire, the booking will be placed and can only be cancelled up to 7 days (168 hours) before the Hire Day. Any cancellation within the 168 hours previous to the booking will incur a 50% charge to The Client. Any cancellation within the 48 hours previous to the booking will incur a 100% charge to The Client.

8.1 For any cancellations on equipment hire, please contact Yellow Cactus via phone or email at rentals@weareyellowcactus.com

(c) If the studio hire is cancelled without notice, the full sum will be charged to The Client’s account.

(d) In all of the above cases, Interlude London reserves the right to charge the full amount for any equipment sub-hired through Yellow Cactus or Interlude London or any other third party, to facilitate a rental.

9. Limits of Liability: Interlude London will not be held liable to any costs, claims, damages or losses in the event that any equipment provided for the Hirer’s production is found to be unusable, damaged or unfit for purpose. This rental agreement continues with the understanding of this condition.

9.1 If any film, disc, software or other media other than Interlude London’s is damaged or destroyed, Interlude London will not be held liable in any case. For any damaged film, disc, software or other media hired from Yellow Cactus, you may wish to contact rentals@weareyellowcactus.com.

10. Insurance: Any hired-in equipment must be covered against loss, damage or theft. 

On top of any damage/loss fees, Interlude London reserves the right to claim a £250 Excess Fee for each and every item damaged or lost/not returned by The Client or during The Client’s Hire period.

If any item is lost, damaged or stolen during the hire, The Client must notify Interlude London as soon as possible and make a report to the local police within 6 hours. 

11. In the event that any equipment or Item specified in the hired space were to not be returned by The client, Interlude London voids any claims, losses or costs towards the repossession of such items. All costs will become the responsibility of The client including any legal fees arising from the event.

12. Responsibility of Hirer: Hirer agrees not to assign or transfer this rental agreement or the property subject to this rental agreement. 

13. Payment: Any first rental shall be paid in full in advance. Any company or individual with an account has up to 14 days to pay the hire fees. Any individual or company with an address outside the United Kingdom shall pay in full in advance. 

If any condition is breached, Interlude London Ltd reserves the right to terminate any booking.

14. Parking: If parking is required, please notify Interlude London in advance so we can provide the information regarding parking availability. All vehicles are parked at owners risk and Interlude London will not accept any responsibility for loss or damage to any vehicle or their contents.

15. Privacy 

The only Personal or Company information we use is the precise details we need to operate the service and administer your account. Third parties may require trade reference confirmations and these will only be triggered by yourself or the company. We can only confirm or deny the validity of the information but shall not share any documents without prior explicit consent from the Company or individual.